Friday, 25 October 2013

Rig Vedic mythology and Vedic astronomical data.

Some Achievements of Damodhar rao musham, 

1.Rg Vedic mythology and Vedic astronomical data.
2.Calculated the speed of light from Rgveda and Mahabharata.
3.In 1979, at age of 20. Conducted a Seminar and a Debate on Vedic Science, which was appreciated by Prime Minister Office vide letter on 11 July 1986 ,by a  message from PMO signed by H.Y.Sharada Prasad
4.From a Vaishanavite family and my grandfather was the head of our cult in Nizam dominion. We have a statue of him in our house.
5. Saint Markandeya his Handloom and weaving technology in  ancient world from 1000BC.
6. Safeguarding recording Vedic documents, oral methodology.
7. Study of Brahmi and comparative words found in the ancient linguistics 
8. Attempting to correlated  RgVedic astronomy, 

9. Preservation of Vedic items by de-foxing for Vedic books, palmleaf, rock, tamra patra documentary

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